Great news for Miyazaki fans — one of the key things that I like about Studio Ghibli’s films is they rarely, if ever make sequels to them. Sequels are not necessarily bad things (Toy Story), but I do think studios shouldn’t depend so much on them. In my opinion, the true testament of…


Site Complete


For the most part, the site is now fully re-designed and functioning normally. There will be continued tweaks here and there as more content is uploaded in the near future.


I’m currently in the process of updating my site. If you’re a current visitor and notice certain anomalies, please take note that I am currently working to address any issues as I reorganize my site (the homepage and portfolio pages). The fancy-box for my portfolio will be replaced with actual pages…


It has been a quite some time since I last posted an update. For a long time now, this site has had no portfolio pieces posted, but this will change within the coming months as I graduate in May of 2014. I have currently been inspired to continue my…